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Homolovi, Oct 15-19

We took an extra long weekend and made the drive up to Homolovi Ruins State Park.  Being creatures of habbit, we parked in the same spot as we did last year.  The day we left, we finally had clear skies.


While we were there, we made a trip into Winslow to see the progress of the restoration of the La Posada Hotel.  They have made some very nice progress over the past year.  We took some time and sat out back on the patio.....


.....near the train tracks.


Just for the fun of it, we took a short movie of the trains.  If you look close, you can actually see three moving trains.

Train Movie

Jack Jr. joined us on the trip.  He again tried to play with the bunnies, but they remembered him from last year, so they stayed hidden.

We kept a close eye on the weather, and a close ear on the weather radio.  We knew there was going to be some weather, and of course snow was the major concern.  They were saying that it was possible, but as it turns out, the only snow we saw was way far away.

One evening as we were sitting out, we saw a very pretty moon rise.  We tried to capture it on film (digital film, that is) and here are some of our better results.  Sure would be nice to have one of those new SLR Digital cameras to take this type of picture, but it's a bit tough to justify the $1000 that they cost.


When Jack Jr. wasn't out harassing the wild life, some would stick their heads out.  It was fun to watch.

We ALWAYS eat good when we go camping.

We drove up I-17 to Flagstaff and then I -40 to Homolovi.  This time, we took Highway 87 through Payson, Pine and Strawberry.  Gosh what a nice drive.  So much less stress, less time, and prettier scenery.  Some of the trees were changing colors, we could even notice a difference between the way there and the way back.



Houston Mesa, Sept 30 - Oct 2

Just a nice, uneventful weekend in a new spot, Number 8.

HoustonMesa08.JPG (157008 bytes)

Houston Mesa, Jul 1-4

We typically don't go camping on holiday weekends, as we want to avoid the crowds.  We decided to make an exception this 4th of July, and are glad we did.  While the campground had a lot more people than we usually see on a normal weekend, everyone was cool.

We all got to spend some quite time reading, including Jack.

HoustonMesa61.jpg (136453 bytes)

We had a wonderful steak dinner on Saturday.

HoustonMesa62.jpg (94094 bytes)

Then on Sunday, Wendy and Robert came up to join us. 

HoustonMesa63.jpg (162700 bytes)

It was a nice time, though you couldn't tell by Robert!

HoustonMesa65.jpg (123354 bytes)

We had us little camp fire, roasted a few marshmallows, made a couple smores, had a good time and got to bed way too late.

HoustonMesa66.jpg (108247 bytes)  HoustonMesa68.jpg (110502 bytes)  HoustonMesa69.jpg (64421 bytes)

Cochise Terrace, Jun 10-13

We decided to do something a little different this time.  Rather than going to a "campground" we decided to try an "RV Resort".  It was a good decision this time, and as luck would have it, we picked a great one for our first try.  These places are typically pretty full in the winter time, with all the snowbirds. But when we showed up, it wasn't busy at all, so we were afforded some wonderful views.

If it were full, the sites would be closer than at a typical campground, but as it wasn't, we had plenty of room.

CochiseTerrace40.JPG (77055 bytes)

Here's a 360 view around our site, as you can see, some nice views.

CochiseTerrace41.JPG (62289 bytes)  CochiseTerrace42.JPG (64760 bytes)  CochiseTerrace43.JPG (56377 bytes)  CochiseTerrace44.JPG (72900 bytes)  CochiseTerrace45.JPG (92152 bytes)  CochiseTerrace46.JPG (102683 bytes)

CochiseTerrace38.JPG (60379 bytes)  CochiseTerrace39.JPG (53054 bytes)

Here's Jack checking out the wash at the back of our site.

CochiseTerrace47.JPG (181403 bytes)

The Club House (The Crow's Nest) had a very nice pool, spa, Bache ball, laundry room, etc.  It was all very nice.

CochiseTerrace49.JPG (104101 bytes)

As a matter of fact, we liked it and the area so much that we're contemplating purchasing a spot in the residents area for a long term investment and possible retirement site.  You can see the site we're considering over Jacks shoulder. 

CochiseTerrace48.JPG (117042 bytes)

On Saturday, we did a bit of site seeing.  We went in a couple other RV Parks, both outside of and inside Benson.  We decided that we were in the best one of the lot.  

One of the places that we checked out, The Voyage RV Resort, was huge!  Had a lot of neat stuff, but it made us feel boxed in.

After the RV places we checked out the San Xavier del Bac mission, which is just south of Tucson.  It is in the process of being restored and it is a beautiful place.

SanXavierDelBac18.JPG (37984 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac20.JPG (74441 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac14.JPG (78658 bytes)

Inside the sanctuary.

SanXavierDelBac15.JPG (110213 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac16.JPG (123634 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac17.JPG (137529 bytes)

The garden.

SanXavierDelBac22.JPG (110099 bytes)


SanXavierDelBac19.JPG (87258 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac26.JPG (95881 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac21.JPG (97629 bytes)  SanXavierDelBac25.JPG (108646 bytes)

A road runner that happend to be running around the grounds.

SanXavierDelBac24.JPG (78955 bytes)

After the mission, we headed even further south and visited the Titan Missile Museum.  As Bob was a member of the 308th Strategic Missile Wing at Little Rock Air Force base way back in the 70's this was a treat for him.

Looking down the silo.

TitanMissileMuseum27.JPG (81157 bytes)

A blast door.

TitanMissileMuseum29.JPG (52479 bytes)

The hallway between the sile and the command center.

TitanMissileMuseum30.JPG (69496 bytes)

The command center...

TitanMissileMuseum31.JPG (102764 bytes) TitanMissileMuseum32.JPG (92077 bytes)

which is supported on huge springs.

TitanMissileMuseum33.JPG (62120 bytes)

From inside the silo.

TitanMissileMuseum35.JPG (119870 bytes)  TitanMissileMuseum36.JPG (93908 bytes)

We had a great time playing tourist on Saturday, and then on Sunday we just soaked up some sun and enjoyed the relaxation.

What a great trip.

Houston Mesa, Apr 22-24

Needed a break from working in the back yard, so we decided to pack up the dogs and do an easy weekend at our favorite close campground.
The trip highlights included:

A stop at the vet on the way out of town to check Chuy's Blood Sugar
Some of the best steaks we ever eaten!

and a blown tire on the way up there.

As you can see, it caused quite a bit of damage.  Had to stop at the tire shop in Payson to get a new tire.  Also stopped at the new Home Depot in Payson to buy a floor jack.  The combo of the truck jack and the hydraulic jack just wasn't working for us.  After picking up the new tire and floor jack, Bob spent some time changing tires in the camp ground.  Now doesn't that sound like fun!

Alamo Lake State Park, Feb 19-22

Since we had such a good time last time, and we had an extra-long weekend, we decided to go back to this nice campground.  We took a bunch of pictures.  We'll show you some of the better ones.

We got lucky and were able to get the exact same site as last time.  We were very happy about this, as we still think it's the best one in the campground.

The water came up a bit with all the rain.  Check out this panorama compared to the last trip.


For the most part, the weather was much more cooperative than we exptected.  It only rained while we were inside, or wanted to be inside.  It wasn't quite as cold as last month, but we still needed a fire, as Jack can attest.

The wild life was much more evident this time too.  We saw bunches of birds.  The humming birds were right there and we discovered that just like home they have personalities.  The dominate bird had his spot.  It was at the top of a tree in the next camp site.

When the less dominate bird decided to come visit, he would hang out in one of the lower branches of one of the trees in our camp site.  He would sit there very still, if the other bird was around.

So still, as a mater of fact, that he'd let us move around to get a picture of his pretty red feathered head.

Note that the last two pictures are of the same bird, sitting in the same place, just from different angles.

Then we decided to get artistic.  Hummingbird, Eagles(?), tree. clouds, sky, and Moon all in the same shot.  So what do you think, did we succeed?


Eagles we said.  We were thinking that these were a couple eagles, but we could never get a good enough picture or view through the binoculars to be sure.  They sure were pretty, what ever they were.


With all the rain, there were flowers.  Tons of flowers!  All these shot were of flowers that were growing in our camp site.


Bob managed to get in a little fishing.  Still didn't actually catch anything, but the scenry was still great.  Here's the view looking  back towards the camp site.

What's prettier than a rainbow?  Just wish the picture could have caught the true fullness of colors.

We heard them a few times, but, just like last time, we never actually saw any!

Here's a great example of why we have really enjoyed our last two visits.  Is this pretty, or what?

Alamo Lake State Park, Jan 14-17

This was our first trip to this camp ground.  As it was our first visit, Jack gave us a presentation on the park.

AlamoLake20.JPG (126451 bytes)

The water in the lake was fairly high after all the rain, but it made for a beautiful view out of the back of the fifth wheel.

AlamoLake16.JPG (128059 bytes)  AlamoLake15.JPG (118504 bytes)  AlamoLake17.JPG (139731 bytes)

We made the short drive up to the dam to look around.  As you can see, there is still quite a bit of room left for more water.  If the lake was totally full, we think our campsite would be underwater.

AlamoLake09.JPG (110564 bytes)  AlamoLake10.JPG (52733 bytes)  AlamoLake11.JPG (98262 bytes)  AlamoLake12.JPG (82657 bytes)

The white spot in the middle of this picture, is our fifth wheel as we were on the way back from the dam.

AlamoLake13.JPG (126110 bytes)

One nice thing about camping next to a lake, you can go fishing with our too much effort.  Bob did a bit, the first shot is looking out the back of our site at Bob scoping out his fishing spot.  Turn out to be just below and to the right of where he is standing.  The second is his spot.  Lots of water, but no fish.

AlamoLake18.JPG (107770 bytes)  AlamoLake19.JPG (90545 bytes)

Our spot, B19

AlamoLake22.JPG (85302 bytes)

Bob, cookin' some chops.

AlamoLake25.JPG (108580 bytes)

Took the dogs with us this time, and they seemed to enjoy the stress free environment.

AlamoLake26.JPG (157927 bytes)  AlamoLake28.JPG (106834 bytes)  AlamoLake23.JPG (145202 bytes)