Cowboy Action Shooting
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One day I went out the the Shooter's Expo out at Ben Avery. While there I came across some people from the Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association Inc. The nice man explained all about Cowboy Action Shooting. Sounded rather fun. So Denise and I went camping up in Payson one weekend when they were holding their monthly match up there. We went to the match and it looked like SO much fun, and the people were all so nice, that I decided that I just had to get into this. Little did I realize what it would take......

Had to come up with an Alias. Everyone has to have one, and it can't be the same as anyone else's. So I decided on Gilabyte Bob. With that chosen, I went to the Single Action Shooting Society and joined up, regestering my alias. A few days later I got my badge, with my number of #79037.

One of the tools that you really should have to participate in CAS, is a gun cart. I built one for myself. Check it out.