Bob's Wish List

Feel like buying Bob a gift? Check out this list, and maybe you can find something.

Battery Options
Sky Lipo. This is a 2200ma, 30C battery. This would work in the Stick and the EXI 450. $19.50 at

Any chrome add on stuff for the Harley. We have made a couple mods, so check out the Harley page to make sure you don't duplicate. We're not in to the skull stuff. Here are some ideas
Brake Caliper Insert
Head Bolt Cover Kit
Oil Dipstick
Any Harley-Davidson Tee Shirt. XL, XL-Tall if it is available.
Gonzaga Tee Shirt. XL, XL-Tall if it is available.

Gift Card ideas:

iTunes (Can be purchased at Best Buy)
Viper Hobbies
Home Depot
Best Buy

DVD ideas:

Iron Man 2 

Matthew got me the Ultimate Collection Volumes 1 and 2 and Denise got me Volume 4, so now I'd like Volume 3