Our BOINC page.



BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.  In the big picture what this is all about, is Distributed Computing.  Basically using the idle time on PCs to compute data for a project.  There are several projects out there.  A lot use their own software that was developed by members of the project team.  That is what the Seti Clasic did.  You downloaded their software, installed it, and it would use your PC's idle time to process their data and send it back to them when done.  Seti is switching over to BOINC, and will be shutting down their classic.  I was hoping to get to 5000 results returned before they shut it down.  Only have one PC working on it right now, so I don't know if I'll make it or not.

The BOINC software supports a few projects, SETI being one of them, which is why I chose to use this.  The neat thing about this software is that it can work on more than one project, so if one project runs out of data, or is down, and your PC can't get new numbers to crunch, it'll work on the other one.  This equates to less processing down time

Right now, I'm working on SETI@home (which is the search for signs of life in the universe) and Einstein@home (which is the search for unknown Pulsars).  Both space type things, which is what I like.  There are other projects out there that BOINC supports, you can check out their home page to see what they are.

The graphics at the top of the page are done by services that provide just that.  I'm using two, Boincstats and Mundayweb, as one or the other is always not up to date.  Plus it's just fun.

If you're interested in doing this, let me know, and maybe we could form a team.