Gotta have a links page.  Don't know why, just do.

Check out "The Spokane Spawn Family Home Page" at

Our Family Forum

Some neat WebCams

Where we work.   Shouldn't really have this here, but someone might want to know, I guess.

Saguaro Astronomy Club.  One of the local astro clubs.

East Valley Astronomy Club.  Another local astro club.

Astromart  A cool place to do some Astronomy parts shopping.

APOD The Astronomy Picture of the Day.  We really like this page.  Check it almost every day.

Camping and Campground Reservations  This is the site we use to make our camping reservations.

PayTrust.  We use this to pay our bills online.  Don't have to write checks, don't get the bills in the mail.   We haven't had any problems with them at all.  So if you're interested check it out.  Then if you decide to go with them, let me know so that I can recommend you, and get extra stuff. 

CornCam.  This is where you just HAVE to go if you have absolutely nothing better to do.  Watch the corn grow.   From this link you can also go to SoybeanCam and DairyCam.  What could be better than that?