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2005 Home

Happenings - Updates to what is going on with us.

Updates - Lists the changes we've made to the site.

Astro Log - A diary of our start gazing.

Camping - Pictures and stuff from our camping trips.

Family - Pictures we've taken of our family.

Holidays - Pictures we've taken during the holidays through out the year.

Links - Links to pages that we think are neat.

Our CDs - A listing of some of the CDs that we own.

Our DVDs - A listing of the DVDs that we own

Matt - Stuff about Matt or stuff he's sent to us.

Railroad - A start off page for our model railroad

Bob's Wish List - Bob's list of things that he would like, a good place to start it you want to get him a gift

Denise's Wish List - Denise's list of things that she would like

Nicole's Wish List - Nicole's list of things that she would like

2004 Home